Director of Student Life and Wellness-College Track

Director of Student Life and Wellness (Denver)

Position Overview:
College Track seeks a licensed mental health professional for this position. The Student Life and Wellness Director is responsible for the design and implementation of the Student Life and Wellness Department. The Student Life and Wellness program is responsible for student growth and development in the areas of identity formation, social-emotional learning and student wellness. These program elements are delivered through experiential education opportunities, service learning, workshops and 1:1 meetings. 

This position has two essential categories of responsibility: 

  1. Support students’ identity formation, social-emotional learning, and development of an intrinsic motivation to become a college graduate through workshops, internship placements, and service opportunities; 
  2. Provide or ensure provision of appropriate acute wellness services to students in need of counseling while supervising a cohort of wellness interns from local graduate counseling programs who work 1:1 and lead workshops with students from a wellness perspective. 

Primary Responsibilities Include:

  • Supervision and Management of Student Life Program: promote student leadership by ensuring that 100% of students are engaged in meaningful summer activities, complete 100 hours of service work and cultivate a sense of purpose by declaring and working toward his/her dreams.
  • Creation, Supervision and Management of Wellness Program: promote student social/emotional learning, wellness and non-cognitive skill acquisition through the creation, management, supervision and evaluation of  student Wellness Program.  Supervise graduate interns and ensure that they are appropriately coaching students, individually and through workshops, in developing skills and resources in wellness areas. Work with acute students 1:1 as necessary. Refer students to community resources and conduct family meetings as necessary.
  • Program Design, Curriculum Development and Implementation: Work with the Site Director and National Staff to successfully create and deliver high quality Student Life and Wellness program.  Ensure that site goals are attained and quality programming is delivered in the following program components: experiential learning workshops, 1:1 and group student support, summer engagement, community service and social/emotional learning.
  • Staff Development and Recruitment: Recruit, hire, develop, manage, supervise and evaluate graduate mental health interns and Student Life and Wellness part-time staff and volunteers. Support site team in creating purpose-driven programming.
  • Graduate Intern Training Program Development and Management: Develop university partnerships with graduate mental health programs. Recruit, hire, train, supervise and manage a team of graduate psychology and social work interns and their work with students to ensure the overall health, wellbeing and success of students. Build a collaborative team of individuals committed to supporting students’ social/emotional health and train them to be excellent clinicians.
  • Assessment and Measurement: Actively work to measure and demonstrate the efficacy of Student Life and Wellness programming to assist with student performance and college completion.  
  • Staff Support: Train colleagues and facilitate discussions from whole student perspective. Serve as a consultant to all staff regarding student wellness, social-emotional learning and non-cognitive skill development. Be a resource to staff on how to manage and assist struggling high school and college students. 
  • Financial and Resource Management: Monitor and meet the expense budgets for Student Life and Wellness Program. Identify and develop external sources of funding for program. Supervise fundraising efforts for student enrichment opportunities.
  • New Projects: Projects as assigned by the Site Director and the Quality and Learning Director.
  • Maintain Continuing Education and Licensure: Learn about new developments in the health and wellness field by reading professional literature, attending continuing education classes and seminars and through maintaining contact with community resources. Keep license active and current.

Skills & Experience Required:
First and foremost, the Student Life and Wellness Director must embrace College Track’s vision and mission for transforming low-income communities into places where college readiness and college graduation are the norms. Must also have:

  • Strong leadership skills and ability to motivate and inspires others under a shared vision of excellence
  • Demonstrated success in counseling, motivating and managing high school students to meet high expectations in youth development, wellness, social/emotional learning, experiential learning, and/or service learning
  • Demonstrated success in training, supervising and managing graduate mental health interns
  • Strong experience in program design and curricular development
  • Excellent relationship building skills and communicates in ways that foster trust, value differences and further College Track’s mission
  • Focus on delivering outcomes despite obstacles, seeks out challenges as opportunities to grow, takes unexpected setbacks in stride, and is able to galvanize self towards goals and impact
  • Manages people, project and oneself to achieve excellent results and expand organizational impact
  • Results-driven; commitment to utilizing data and evidence-based practices to meet student needs (particularly Strengths-Focused, CBT, DBT and Motivational Interviewing)
  • A minimum of a master of arts degree in a mental health profession with professional license (LPCC, LMFT, LCSW, etc.)
  • Knowledge of applicable legislation, standards, policies and procedures in mental and behavioral health fields

Compensation & Benefits:
Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience.

College Track is an equal opportunity employer fully committed to achieving a diverse workforce. College Track does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, sex, gender, disability, veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression.


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