Communications Associate-CO Health Fdn

Do you enjoy the power of social media, and the ability to write or tell stories of how life is taking shape in Colorado? Are you a storyteller at heart and passionate about inspiring others through stories? Do you have experience working in communities, especially those facing inequity and some of the toughest challenges that prevent us from being healthy? Do you have talent in translating difficult information to others and helping people understand complicated issues? Do you like and understand technology, and regularly use social media and email? Have you hosted events in communities or with nonprofits? Are you a learner and hard worker who has interest in how equity, diversity and inclusiveness can influence health?

If you or someone you know is identifying with any of the above, you should consider applying to join our team at the Colorado Health Foundation. We are looking for an individual to join our Communications team, who is responsible for telling the story of our organization and making meaning of the work we engage in to improve the health of Coloradans. We seek someone with a strong background in community engagement and a passion for writing, storytelling and communicating about how health or important social issues affect people. The Communications Associate supports the team and advises Foundation staff in development and implementation of strategic communications that advance the Foundation’s priorities. Are you interested in helping others understand how communities are working to improve health for those who live there?

This position requires a deep understanding of the communities we serve, including communities of color and/or and neighborhoods or regions that face equity issues (experience may be professional in nature or personal).

The position requires:
-Demonstrated experience in storytelling (through volunteering, internships or paid roles) and deep interest in developing further strong communications skills.
-A Bachelor’s degree in English, marketing/communications, nonprofit management, technology or a related area is required.
-Eagerness, proactivity, flexibility and the ability to work in a fast-paced setting.
-Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the use of social media platforms (especially Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube) to advance communications efforts is also required.
-Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office suite.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual to have a meaningful impact through her or his professional contributions. Interested candidates may submit their resumes and cover letters to the link below.

This position closes on Friday, June 30, 2017.




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