Project Manager-City and County of Denver

Job description

Denver has developed a business plan for our Smart City priorities, strategies and tactics and is looking for a strong project manager to be part of the Smart Cities Team and help us bring our vision to life. This position is LIMITED which means it is funded until 12/31/2019.

Increased mobility freedom through improved and accessible choices are longstanding goals for Denver and the Smart City Challenge accelerated our efforts. We are looking for an individual to help implement innovative, effective, and meaningful solutions to Denver’s mobility challenges. This is an opportunity to dream big – to think above and beyond normal budget constraints, knowledge barriers, and technological hurdles to identify a concrete path forward with a focus on innovative transportation technologies.Day in and day out Denver Public Works is out in the community fixing roads, building bridges, plowing snow, installing/fixing traffic signals, removing trash and recycling. Every bit of that work is part of our strategic plan for sustainability, mobility, and to make the city even more attractive. To make the city more resilient.Transportation and Mobility Management’s goal is to maintain, operate, and improve the City’s multi modal transportation system. We support the 2020 Sustainability Goals for Mobility, Air Quality and Climate, as well as those goals set in the Community Health Improvement Plan. We also advance the commitment to Vision Zero and PWTM’s neighborhood approach. Our primary activities include managing the traffic signal system (there are 1,285), traffic signs ( approximately 500,000), pavement markings (1,800 miles of roadway striping), and the Transportation Management Center (TMC); we plan, design, implement, and maintain bicycle and pedestrian facilities (130 miles of bike lanes); and we fund the intergovernmental agreement with Denver Public Schools for the Crossing Guards program.

Our ideal candidate will possess:

  • A broad understanding and connections to national Smart City efforts, strategies and technologies both within and beyond the transportation field
  • Strong understanding of public policy including local, regional, state and national relationships and legislative climates as they relate to rapidly achieving both ATCMTD and other prioritized Smart City outcomes
  • Three years of multi modal transportation/ITS project management experience with at least a year in the Smart City arena developing project timelines; budget; finance; contracts; procurements and reimbursements; and required tracking and reporting structures
  • Strong communication skills in multiple formats and ability to suggest meaningful project messaging that reflects broader Smart City vision and priorities to the public



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